Tuesday, January 16, 2024

PRESS RELEASE: Notes From A Holocaust album is out

Portland, Oregon-based singer/songwriter David Rovics has released a new album, in remote collaboration with multi-instrumentalist and studio wizard, Chet Gardiner, in Hawai'i.

David has written dozens of songs about the Palestinian people and their struggle for self-determination, or just existence, over the course of the past 24 years, since he wrote "Children of Jerusalem" during the very notable and horrific events in September, 2000 there at the Al-Aqsa Mosque.  Notes From A Holocaust is unique, however, in that every one of the 20 songs on the album was written between October and December, 2023, and each one documents a somewhat different angle or covers a particular horror story from the still-unfolding genocide of the Palestinian people.

Songs on the album appear in the order in which they were written.  "As the Bombs Rain Down" was the first song he wrote in the cycle, on October 13th, and it attempts to portray the reality of the Israeli bombardment that has been largely censored from the coverage of the biggest western media outlets.

The next track, "Stop the Genocide," documents the massive worldwide protests that began with the unprecedented bombing campaign.  "From the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea" explains the meaning of this phrase that western pundits and politicians have intentionally misconstrued for propaganda purposes.

"Wounded Child -- No Surviving Family" tells the story of the acronym, WCNSF, that doctors have written on so many of the youngest residents of the Gaza Strip since October 2023.

"Humanitarian Pause" highlights the farcical nature of taking a break from a genocidal carpet-bombing campaign to distribute a little food and medicine before resuming the slaughter.

"Once the Last Palestinian's Killed" explores the possible future in a world where Palestinians are treated the way other victims of genocide in the past have been treated, such as European Jews or Native Americans, with their artifacts displayed in museums.

"Famine and Disease" is a musical effort to disseminate the statements coming from the many UN agencies that have been trying to raise the alarm for months now that famine and disease will soon overshadow the numbers killed from the bombing.

"The Pogroms of Judea and Samaria" highlights what's been going on in the Occupied West Bank while Gaza has getting carpet-bombed.

"The Apocalypse Will Be Televised" explains that although it is being broadly censored in the western press, the Palestinian Holocaust is being covered in full color by hundreds of incredibly brave Palestinian journalists.

"Baby Jesus Lying in the Rubble" is a musical illustration of the nativity scene displayed at the Lutheran church in Bethlehem.

"Just Like the Nazis Did" is a verse-by-verse description of some of the many and extreme similarities between the Israeli regime and the Nazis.

"They're Killing Off the Journalists of Gaza" names some of the over one hundred Palestinian journalists who have been killed, along with their families, in Gaza since October, and before October.

"They Were Raising A White Flag" tells the story of the Israeli soldier-hostages who tried to get rescued by Israeli troops, but were instead all shot to death by them.

"Where Did All These Terrorists Come From?" is a satirical spoken word piece that takes a solid jab at the media outlets and Israeli spokespeople referring to the thousands of resistance fighters in Gaza, Lebanon, and elsewhere as "terrorists."

"Song for the Houthi Army" thanks Ansar Allah in Yemen for their courageous stand in defense of the Palestinian people, on the Red Sea.

"Land and Freedom" is a song reminding us of what the Palestinian struggle, and every other struggle for national self-determination, is really all about.

"Indiscriminate" illustrates the targeting of doctors, ambulances, journalists, children, and others in Gaza who are being killed in massive numbers.

"It's Christmas Eve" is the second song on the album about a nativity scene in Bethlehem.

"Antisemite" is a satirical song about the many false reasons why anyone who is against the genocide of Palestinians gets labeled as Jew-haters.

"If A Song Could Raise An Army" is a song that wishes it were an army that could go defend the people of Gaza against their genocidal killers.

The album is currently out on Bandcamp., and is available to download for members of David's Community-Supported Art program.  By the end of January it will be out on Spotify, Apple Music, and all the other music streaming platforms.

David will be on tour for various stretches of 2024, playing in Oregon, California, the northeastern US, France, England, and Australia.  Anyone interested in organizing a show, doing an album review, or doing an interview is most welcome to contact David directly.

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